Model - Snatched Package 4.4ml

£200.00 Deposit

Times available for models are as follows: 

Demo with trainer - 11:30

Appointment with students - 13:00/13:30/14:00/14:30/15:00/15:30/16:00/16:30 & 17:00

With our snatched packages you are able to book in to have multiple area's treated. 

Below is an example of the areas you are able to distribute your package over. 

Lips - 1.1ml
Cheeks - 1.1ml 
Cheeks - 2.2ml 
Jaw - 2.2ml 
Chin - 1.1ml 

Please ensure you have contacted us to arrange a suitable time for your booking and to ensure the treatments you require are available before booking. 


Model - Snatched Package 4.4ml (£200.00 Deposit)