Revs PRO 32 Skin Booster – 2ml
Revs PRO 32 Skin Booster – 2ml
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Revs PRO 32 Skin Booster – 2ml

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    Revs Pro32 is an incredible new 64mg HA content skin booster (equal to PROFHILO  concentration ) 32mg high molecular weight HA and 32mg low molecular weight HA.

    Ideal for clients wanting strong hydration and bio-revitalisation of the dermis!
    Administered either with 5 point or micro-injections this product is smoother to inject with amazing results.

    CPNP Registered as a mesotherapy treatment for injection in the superficial dermis.

    The pack consists of:

    1 x 2ml syringe (Needles not included) 25G recommended.
    How long does the result last for?
    Results are instant from the first treatment. In general, results will last from 6 to 9 months and even up to one year depending on individual skin type factors, such as age, and lifestyle.
    INJECTION POINTS: 5 point injection each side of the face 0.2ml per injection point.


    REVs PRO 32 H + L is a stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA) based product intended for skin re-modeling and treating skin laxity, not just for filling lines and wrinkles. REVs PRO 32 H + L is to be used in areas affected by skin laxity such as the malar and submalar areas of the face. REVs PRO 32 H + L nourishes the dermal cells and restores the firmness of the skin. REVs PRO 32  H+L improves tissue quality significantly, even in challenging areas, and is complementary to other aesthetic treatments and dermal filler procedures.