Complication Management

£19.99 EXC VAT

 This online training manual contains a vast amount of information for complications management for all different types of complications. Our online complication management course includes: Complication management manual, Elective dissolve video (showing both product mixing and injecting) Quiz after completion and so much more!


Complication Management £19.99 £99.00 EXC VAT

Course details

Online Learning

Course content

  • 🚀 Video demonstration on elective dissolve, including mixing and injecting
  • 🚀 List of products required
  • 🚀 Manual on Complication Management
  • 🚀 Prevention of sharps injuries
  • 🚀 Consultation process and recording treatment outcomes
  • 🚀 Managing client expectations
  • 🚀 First aid & emergency kit
  • 🚀 Life time support and contacts
  • 🚀 10% discount code from future online courses
  • 🚀 10% product discount code for order over £100
  • How to deal with and manage:
  • 🚀 Anaphylaxis
  • 🚀 Infections
  • 🚀 Vascular Occlusions
  • 🚀 Ecchymosis
  • 🚀 Tyndall effect
  • 🚀 Ptosis
  • 🚀 Necrosis
  • 🚀 Oedema
  • 🚀 Prophylaxis and herpetic infection
  • Delayed onset of nodules,
  • Entry Requirements

    Min. Basic Dermal Fillers certification.

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