In Clinic Courses

Learn with Cheshire’s number-one Aesthetics and Beauty Training Academy. We are fully CPD Accredited and partner with the UK’s number-one insurance company. Our dedicated team will ensure that they provide you with the highest standard in learning your chosen course/s.

Our academy is located within the bustling Town Centre of Warrington, located close to two local train stations, Warrington Central & Warrington Bank Quay along with plenty of accommodation options, which our traveling students can receive a discount code to use for their stay. 

By training with us, we aim to provide the best training for you through our experienced advanced trainers. When you train through FACES, we will ensure that all models, products, and training materials are provided for you, along with a lifetime support system to help you follow your training course. 

Advanced Dermal Fillers

£899 NOW ONLY £399 Deposit (£99.80)

KISS Lips Masterclass

WAS £999 - HALF PRICE - NOW £499 Deposit (£99.00)

Advanced Skin Boosters

£599 NOW ONLY £299 Deposit (£59.80)

Access To Aesthetics

£2799 NOW ONLY £1999 Deposit (£400.00)

Foundation Botulinum Toxin

£999 NOW ONLY £399.50 Deposit (£79.80)

Fat Dissolve

£599 NOW ONLY £199 Deposit (£39.80)

Advanced Botulinum Toxin

WAS £899 NOW ONLY £399 Deposit (£79.80)

Dissolve Training

£399 NOW ONLY £99 Deposit (£19.80)

Expert Dermal Fillers

£999 NOW ONLY £499 Deposit (£99.80)

Facial Contouring Masterclass

£499 NOW ONLY £249.50 Deposit (£79.80)

B12 Injections

£399 NOW ONLY £99 Deposit (£19.80)

Foundation Dermal Filler

£999 NOW ONLY £399.50 Deposit (£79.80)

Refresher in Foundation Dermal Fillers

£599 NOW ONLY £249 Deposit (£49.80)

Skin Needling

£299 NOW ONLY £99 Deposit (£19.80)


WAS £299 - HALF PRICE!!!!- NOW £99 Deposit (£19.80)

Refresher in Foundation Botulinum Toxin

£599 NOW £249 Deposit (£49.80)

"Level Up" Course Bundle

£2397 NOW ONLY £799 Deposit (£159.80)

Chemical Peel

£299 NOW ONLY £99 Deposit (£19.80)

Refresher in Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

WAS £299 - HALF PRICE - NOW £149 Deposit (£29.80)

Refresher in Jaw Fillers

£299 NOW ONLY £149 Deposit (£29.80)

"The Achiever" Course Bundle

£1999 NOW ONLY £699 Deposit (£139.80)

First Aid

£199 NOW ONLY £79 Deposit (£15.80)

Refresher in Tear Trough

WAS £299 - HALF PRICE - NOW £149 Deposit (£29.80)

Refresher in Cheek Fillers

WAS £299 NOW ONLY £149 Deposit (£29.80)
Learn the skills to train
and carry our aesthetic treatments

FACES Aesthetics and training make it easy for you to be a success in the aesthetic industry. With our superior quality training and and continual support, we guide you to becoming a highly skilled and sought after practitioner and help you grow and maintain your business. Our own clinics growth and status has enabled us to pass on the secrets of a highly successful practice to our students.

Sian, Director