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Learn with Cheshire’s number-one Aesthetics and Beauty Training Academy. We are fully CPD Accredited and partner with the UK’s number-one insurance company.

When you buy an online course through us, you will receive the most up-to-date training material for in-depth learning.

Once your training has been completed online you can rest assured that FACES will offer you a lifetime support system to help you follow your training course.

'From Zero to Seven Figures' - Mastering the Art of Building a successful Business in 10 Steps

£29.00 £99.00 EXC VAT

Complication Management

£69.00 £99.00 EXC VAT

ONLINE Lips Masterclass!

£69.00 £99.00 EXC VAT

'M' Shaped Lips Masterclass

£69.00 £99.00 EXC VAT

Online Course Bundle

£149.00 £199.00 EXC VAT

Online Jaw Masterclass

£69.00 £99.00 EXC VAT

Online Cheeks Masterclass

£69.00 £99.00 EXC VAT

Anatomy & Physiology

£99.00 EXC VAT

AET Level 3

£349.50 £499.50 EXC VAT

Vascular Occlusion-Case study 1

£49.99 £99.99 EXC VAT
Learn the skills to train
and carry our aesthetic treatments

FACES Aesthetics and training make it easy for you to be a success in the aesthetic industry. With our superior quality training and and continual support, we guide you to becoming a highly skilled and sought after practitioner and help you grow and maintain your business. Our own clinics growth and status has enabled us to pass on the secrets of a highly successful practice to our students.

Sian, Director