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'M' Shaped Lips Masterclass

'M' Shaped Lips Masterclass

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Refine your expertise in lip augmentation with our comprehensive Online M Shape Lip Filler Masterclass. This specialized course is designed for practitioners looking to master the art of creating the coveted M-shaped lips, achieving natural and balanced results that enhance facial harmony.

Course Overview:

Our masterclass features detailed video tutorials accompanied by expert voice-over guidance, providing a step-by-step demonstration of advanced lip filler techniques for achieving the M-shaped lip contour.

What You Will Learn:

  • M Shape Lip Filler Techniques: Explore advanced methods for creating the M-shaped lips, including precise injection techniques and strategic placement of dermal fillers.
  • Product Selection and Injection Techniques: Learn how to select the appropriate dermal fillers and master injection techniques for achieving optimal results in M-shaped lip augmentation.
  • Anatomy and Safety Considerations: Gain a comprehensive understanding of lip anatomy, vascular structures, and safety protocols to ensure safe and effective treatment.
  • Complication Management: Learn how to identify, prevent, and manage potential complications associated with lip filler procedures.
  • Comprehensive Manual: Included with the course is a detailed manual that covers essential foundation knowledge, serving as a refresher for practitioners and a valuable reference for practice.

Course Features:

- Overvoiced Video Tutorials: Expert voice-over guidance accompanies each video tutorial, providing detailed explanations of techniques and best practices.
- Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Learn at your own pace and convenience with 24/7 access to course materials from any device.

Take Your Lip Augmentation Skills to the Next Level:

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our Online M Shape Lip Filler Masterclass will equip you with the knowledge and techniques needed to achieve superior results in lip augmentation. Enroll today and elevate your expertise in creating beautifully shaped lips that enhance the natural beauty of your clients.


The online courses offered by FACES Aesthetics and Training are intended exclusively for certified practitioners in the field of aesthetics. Enrollment and participation in these courses require prior certification and training in aesthetic procedures. By accessing our courses, you confirm that you hold the necessary qualifications and certifications to practice safely and legally. FACES Aesthetics and Training assumes no responsibility for the misuse of course materials or for any outcomes resulting from unqualified use.


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How do I know my level of entry?

Each individual needs to be reviewed on an individual basis looking at your experience and qualifications. Take the quiz below or call our education team on 01925 649 963.

With the regulated courses do I need to travelling to you regularly?

The courses are broken down into guided learning hours and home study. You would initially complete the theoretical home study, assignments and short answer questions before you come to complete your practical assessments. Throughout the home study you will be supported by your 1-2-1 tutor.

How do I access the course content?

Upon enrolment you will have access to our online portal where you can view all of the course material and submit your work to your tutor for marking.

Are regulated courses mandatory?

Currently- No. However, Aesthetic regulations are currently being reviewed by Government and it could possibly become mandatory in the future.