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FACES Aesthetics and Training

Qualifi Level 7 In Aesthetic Practice

Qualifi Level 7 In Aesthetic Practice

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Welcome to the FACES Aesthetics and Training Level 7 Qualifi Aesthetics Qualification. This elite course is designed for advanced practitioners aiming to achieve the highest standards in aesthetic practice. It offers an extensive and rigorous curriculum that combines cutting-edge theoretical knowledge with advanced practical skills, preparing you for the most complex procedures in the aesthetics field.

Course Overview

Our Level 7 Qualifi Aesthetics Qualification represents the pinnacle of aesthetic training, covering advanced techniques and the latest advancements in aesthetic treatments. Upon completion, you will be proficient in a wide range of sophisticated treatments, positioning you as an expert and leader in the aesthetics industry.

What You Will Learn

  • Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin: Master complex injection techniques for volumising, and anti-aging treatments.
  • Advanced Skin Rejuvenation Techniques: Explore cutting-edge treatments, advanced therapies, and combination protocols for optimal skin rejuvenation.
  • Comprehensive Patient Assessment and Management: Develop advanced skills in patient assessment, creating tailored treatment plans, and managing complex cases.
  • Ethics and Practice Management: Learn about the ethical considerations, legal requirements, and best practices for running a successful aesthetics practice.
  • Complication Management: Master the identification, prevention, and management of complications associated with advanced aesthetic procedures.

Course Features

- Online Portal Access: Enjoy 24/7 access to our advanced online learning platform, featuring interactive modules, in-depth study materials, video demonstrations, and quizzes to reinforce your learning.
- 1-2-1 Tutor Support: Benefit from personalised guidance and support from our highly experienced tutors. Our 1-2-1 sessions provide tailored feedback and expert assistance, ensuring you master complex techniques and achieve your highest potential.
- Flexible Learning: Study at your own pace with our flexible online learning options, allowing you to balance your education with personal and professional commitments.

Why Choose Our Level 7 Qualifi Course?

1. Accredited Qualification: Earn a prestigious Qualifi accredited certification that is widely recognised and respected within the aesthetics industry.
2. Expert Instruction: Learn from top-tier professionals with extensive experience and advanced knowledge in aesthetic medicine.
3. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our rigorous curriculum covers all critical aspects of advanced aesthetic treatments, ensuring you are well-prepared for the highest levels of practice.
4. Enhanced Learning Resource's: Access a wealth of advanced online resources and personalised tutoring to support and enrich your educational journey.
5. Career Advancement: This qualification opens doors to leadership roles, specialised practice opportunities, and positions you as an expert in the aesthetics industry.

Enroll Today

Achieve the pinnacle of aesthetic excellence with the FACES Aesthetics and Training Level 7 Qualifi Aesthetics Qualification. With flexible learning options and unparalleled support, this course provides the ultimate platform for mastering advanced aesthetic techniques and leading the field. Enroll today and take the definitive step towards becoming an industry leader in aesthetics.

Entry Level Requirements 

  • A Level 5 Certificate in Aesthetic Practice
  • A registered medical professional with an active PIN
  • Current and valid Basic Life Support (BLS) and anaphylaxis management training

Please contact us to confirm your level of entry. Entry levels are based on individual circumstances. We also have the Qualifi Quiz on the website which you can take to see which Level you are able to enter the qualifications on. 

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How do I know my level of entry?

Each individual needs to be reviewed on an individual basis looking at your experience and qualifications. Take the quiz below or call our education team on 01925 649 963.

With the regulated courses do I need to travelling to you regularly?

The courses are broken down into guided learning hours and home study. You would initially complete the theoretical home study, assignments and short answer questions before you come to complete your practical assessments. Throughout the home study you will be supported by your 1-2-1 tutor.

How do I access the course content?

Upon enrolment you will have access to our online portal where you can view all of the course material and submit your work to your tutor for marking.

Are regulated courses mandatory?

Currently- No. However, Aesthetic regulations are currently being reviewed by Government and it could possibly become mandatory in the future.